Answering impactful questions that improve lives in low-resource communities

Who We Are

Noble Pursuits gathers contextually relevant data, reports impactful results, and trains the next generation.

We at Noble Pursuits are a diverse group of impact-focused scientists with specialties in water, sanitation, menstrual hygiene, nutrition, housing, and renewable power production.

Our goal is to improve lives in low-resource communities around the world through comprehensive context-appropriate research, engineering and education services.

What We Do

Noble Pursuits provides research, engineering, and education services that aim to improve lives in low-resource communities. Our research strives to describe complex context-specific systems in low-resource communities to produce results that private, public and government programs can use to change lives via improved public health, livelihoods, and safety. Engineering related systems is frequently required to affect change; our engineering services support our research or can be applied independently based on project requirements. Last, our education services ensure that our knowledge and experience with improving lives in low-resource communities is communicated to the next generation of researchers and engineers.


Context-appropriate, comprehensive, reliable, impactful

We provide these research services:


The right infrastructure built right for the right context

We provide these engineering services:


Future leaders need to understand low-resource contexts.

We provide these education services:


Many organizations, from the private sector to government to universities, have used our work to improve the lives of people living in low-resource communities around the world and support related research and education.


Our team has both breadth and depth of experience in a variety of fields of study. We are also always learning, and our current work includes menstrual health and more work on nutrition.

Sanitation systems

Household/onsite, community-scale, schools, and off-site

Water supply and treatment

Community- and household-scale

Power production

Specialized in solar and wind power systems

Behaviors & decision-making

Household and individual

Preferences & willingness to pay

... for products and services

Housing construction

Specialized in earthquake-resistant design

Global engineering

Applying engineering in low-resource contexts

Baby breastfeeding in Vietnam. Downloaded from https://www.memorialcare.org/blog/vietnamese-benefits-breastfeeding-video Feb 15, 2023


Specialized in children under two, including breastfeeding

Menstrual health

School-aged and adult menstruators, their peers, non-menstruators, and parents

Please contact us at contact@noblepursuitsllc.com or schedule time with James to enquire about our services or collaborations.

Discounted rates and pro bono services available for customers from low-resource communities.